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April 2007 to July 2016

For nine years, a town crier situated in the centre of this publication's front page banner, has held a scroll that displays text. Over the years, some readers have asked what it says; others imagined what it may read but most people haven't noticed it at all. Much like the town crier's scroll, this little community paper has had a similar experience.

There have been a few folks who have the vision, the imagination to see the value of a community newspaper. They appreciate the potential to share, in print, their celebrations and victories along with their tragedies and sorrows.

Those who do not subscribe to TownCryer News miss out on the opportunity to know first hand what is important to area residents. Instead, they rely upon rumours and second-hand information. And then, there are those members of the community who are oblivious to the existence of TownCryer News. Regrettably, they are the majority.

In April 2007, with the support of Musquodoboit Valley Tourism Association (MVTA), the first issue of TownCryer News was photocopied on letter size paper and distributed free throughout the area. Within a short period of time, it grew from letter size to legal size photocopies and from one page to two.

In time, as it grew in popularity, it was no longer a project of MVTA but instead became an independently owned business and exploded to a 16 page document on newsprint. After almost four years of free distribution to every household in Musquodoboit Valley, it became necessary, in 2011, to add subscriber revenue to offset publication costs.

Although this monthly publication has enjoyed the financial support of a few loyal advertisers and subscribers, during these past few years monthly revenue has frequently failed to be sufficient to offset the costs of publication, printing and distribution. Sadly, the difficult decision has been made to no longer publish TownCryer News and the July 2016 (106th) issue is the final publication of this community newspaper.

A sincere expression of thanks and appreciation is extended to all those who have contributed to the pages of TownCryer News with story ideas, submissions and ads. A special expression of gratitude is extended to all those individuals who so generously supported this paper by making financial donations.

Your stories may continue to be shared by visiting on Facebook where you can also stay informed about upcoming events.

As for the scroll's text, it reads: Let it be known that in the Valley of Musquodoboit, in the County of Halifax, in the Province of Nova Scotia…


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